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1. CCTV Survey


CCTV Survey is a cost effective method of locating drainage problems.


The cameras are designed to pan and tilt i.e cameras have full 360 degree rotation.


The condition of the Sewers deteriorate over the years due to constant usage. Evolution of harmful gases like CH4 and SO2, root invasion and ground movements even worsen the situation.


The cause and nature of their defects is not immediately apparent making inspection  through CCTV surveys absolutely essential.


They can be mounted on interchangeable tractors with wheel sizes ranging between 105mm to 265mm making all surveys ranging within 250mm to man entry in diameter possible.


The inspection quality of the camera is the best not allowing distortion of images which helps in correct reporting.




Reports are prepared according to Manual of Sewer Condition Classification designed by the UK Water Industry Engineering and Operations Committee.


The reporting is done using bespoke software called Wincan.


Clock references make it easy to pinpoint a defect.


The accuracy of the coding system is highly reliant on the skill of our surveyors who carry out the inspection and produce the report.




2. Flow Survey


- Trunk sewers carry wastewater the main source of which  are wastes from the
   resident households and industrial effluents

- The wastewater is conveyed to pumping stations or treatment plants

- When infiltration occurs the trunk sewers have to bear extra volume of water along
   with the wastewater for which they are designed

- This infiltration and inflow can cause backflow and spill over into the surrounding
   environment during the monsoons

- They can cause serious overloading at the treatment facilities too !



Flow monitoring programs

-  to check out areas within the collection system that need further investigation and rehabilitation.


Manhole inspection

-  to develop the utility maps of the system, a rehabilitation schedule and an engineer's estimate for construction.


3. Topographical Survey


The  purpose  of  a  conventional TOPOGRAPHIC  SURVEY is  to  gather  survey  data  about  the  natural  and man-made  features  of  the  land,  as  well  as  its elevations.  From  this  information  a  three-dimensional  map  may  be  prepared. 


4. Assessed data collection


- Surveys of full manhole and outfall using the latest GPS techniques.

- Schematic layouts made in specified formats like AUTO-CAD, etc..

- Infiltration and exfiltration surveys.

- Establishment of structural or service conditions of the sewerage/drainage system
   over the reports produced after the internal inspection by the CCTV survey.


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