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The pipe bursting head bursts through the existing pipe as it is connected with a steel cable. Attached to the head is the new pipe, which simply replaces the old pipe in its place.


The head of the pipe bursting equipment is a pneumatic tool and produces vibrations of low magnitude, which is easily absorbed by the surrounding soil.



n  Pipe bursting, or pipe cracking as it is sometimes known, is the process of installing a new pipe along the alignment of an existing pipe by pulling the new pipe through the host-pipe, breaking the host as it goes.

n  The benefit of this technique is that it requires minimal excavation and is particularly suited to earthenware lines with large joint displacements.

n  The way in which the pipe is “burst” makes this method of pipe replacement ideal where the pipe needs to be up-sized.

n  Fast and powerful

n  Suited for water, gas and rising mains also

n  Economical over traditional replacement methods

n  Simple to operate



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