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We would like to introduce ourselves as a Company that has been in the field of installation of water supply and sewerage infrastructure for the last two decades. From its beginning it has now developed into India’s Trenchless Sewer and Water Mains Rehabilitation company bringing together the latest world technologies and ideas.

With our collaborators we are India’s first company that specializes in all aspects of cleaning and treatment of dirty water by contracting and consultancy, bringing the very latest and best suited technologies in the world to India.

We had been awarded two projects of sewer rehabilitation by Delhi Jal Board, Government of NCT of Delhi. These projects have been completed by us successfully within the stipulated time. All the test results achieved by us were far superior than the parameters laid in WRc and ASTM. These were challenging works having huge problems and our technical team has executed the job. The key to success was the great vision of our management who brought the expertise from foreign countries to work at site.

We were also carrying out a project of Renovation of Water Rising mains through spray epoxy resin and rapid setting polymeric lining systems in PSC/MS/CI Rising Mains. This was carried out by No-Dig technique in 1500mm dia of Water Rising mains. This will result in the arrest of 40% water leakages through out the length. The epoxy spray lining will realize in the drastic improvement of quality of water along with its flow resulting in cost efficiencies for the future.
Today, we have successfully completed the Rehabilitation of Trunk sewer by relining for more than 7000 meters appx. by CIPP Technique. This was not an easy job because the condition of Trunk sewer was very much in bad shape. No details were provided about the sewer. Surrounding conditions at site were also difficult. Narrow lanes, high tension wires above the sewer and running traffic was a toughest part to handle. Our technical team underwent training in the field of CIPP lining and CCTV for the rehabilitation of sewers in UK and USA for these projects. Desilting of trunk sewer was also carried out with the help of State of the Art Super Sucker desilting machines and today we have cleaned length of more than 14 Kms approximately whereas the dia of sewer pipe varied between 450mm-1900mm. Pre-lining and post lining CCTV survey was also carried out for the same length with the help of PAN-A-TILT camera which clearly shows the inner condition of sewer pipe by rotating all around the surface of the pipe. The projects have been completed and commissioned successfully.

We are also maintaining both the trunk sewers which have been rehabilitated by us. This shall be giving a minimum shell life of 50 years or more to our sewer pipes which were laid long back.
It is the best technique in the world and accepted by WRc (Water Research Council). The functioning of sewers after CIPP lining will definitely provide solution for cleaning the Delhi sewers lines.
The Cured-In-Place method of pipe rehabilitation offers various advantages that are available. It allows the installation of joint less and seamless pipe-in-pipe. This is the best technique in the world and accepted by WRc as this is the Type II (Stand alone design) being jointless and seamless from Manhole to Manhole. This will definitely provide solution for well functioning of Delhi Trunk sewers of Delhi. The materials used for lining i.e. felt & resin are all imported. The manufacturers of felt (Applied Felts, Inc.) are WRc approved manufacturers & the felt is supplied by them to us from U.S.A. & U.K. The resin is imported from the U.A.E.It is ideally suited to take care of the problems being faced by the DJB of infiltration of sub soil water, ingress of silt, reduction in the carrying capacity, the creation of voids and the consequent settlement of the sewers.
The proposal has been prepared keeping in view the specific difficulties along the sewer line and absence of any reliable data that would minimize the element of risk factors during work implementation. To do so, we have drawn upon our own experience of the working conditions in Delhi and the projects of trunk sewer rehabilitation executed by us in the recent past .

We also have substantial arrangements for any project through the procurement of specially imported equipment such as High Volume Jet-Vac and Suction machines which are already with us and highly sophisticated CCTV equipment. We also have our own fleet of Water Tankers and Silt Dumpers in our infrastructure for the various Lining Projects. Apart from this we have also made an arrangement of safety equipments such as Gas monitors, Oxygen cylinders, Diving Kit with compressors, Scalpac, Safety belts etc for the project to carry out with international safety norms as it is necessary to carry out such huge project.
We have also our own two nos. Wet Out Plant for impregnation of the felt at site. It has conveyor system to ensure effective chemical impregnation in the liners to be used for the project. The manufacture and quality control of the liners shall comply with highest standards which, along with international quality testing will ensure the world class inputs for the project; apart from assisting the efforts to achieve project completion in the shortest possible time. This will also ensure to carry out the lining at two different places simultaneously to complete the project in the shortest possible time.
We are, therefore, fully responsive to the concerns regarding quality and speed for the project and are committed to deliver the project objectives in the minimum possible time. In carrying out any project, given the difficult site conditions we propose to utilize the latest as well as innovative solutions during implementation to surmount any difficulties.

For our rehabilitation Works, specially for access to the sewers and the lining portion, we would follow the highest international norms and specifications applicable for renovation of Gravity Sewers, and Manufacture Testing and Installation would be guided by WIS and Standard Practice for Rehabilitation of Existing Pipelines under ASTM.

Our competence can be proven from the fact that we have already completed the rehabilitation of various sewer lines such as, in Kilokri where the work was done under the railway tracks and CGO Complex, without disrupting the life above the ground. Also, in the Sita Ram Bazaar, rehabilitation of the Egg-Shaped Sewer (known to be the most complex sewer shape to work in) and narrow lanes to work at site with heavy traffic for more than 18 hours was executed without any digging work above the ground. Hence, no disruption was caused there as it is host to the historical monument, The Turkman Gate.

The Project Management will also employ the highest international standards for safety, site mobilization and implementation. Keeping in mind the smooth functioning of the project substantial financial arrangements have also been made by us through banks as well with our own resources for this project.

We are therefore, confident that with the combination of our commitment, confidence and resources coupled with the long experience we shall be successful in resolving the severe sewerage problems.


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